Get visitors currently online on the site

Get visitors who are currently on the site and are "online". This method is used in LIVE section.

Method is in β and can be altered in the future.




This method follows the general rules. Arguments are transmitted as GET or POST parameters.

Argument Description
auth_token Authorization token (requires scope: users-list-active)


  "meta": {
    "status": 200
  "data": [
      "id": 184811087,
      "presence": "online",
      "presence_details": {
        "$name": "Maks",
        "$initial_referrer": "",
        "$country": "England",
        "$region": "London",
        "$city": "London",
        "$sessions": 3,

        "$current_page_title": "Information | My project",
        "$current_page_url": ""
        "$active_since": 1448798155,
        "$current_session_pages": 3,

The answer will contain an array of abbreviated User objects (id, presence and presence_details).

About user status in detail.


This table contains errors that can be returned. However, in case of unforeseen situations (in case of the service's inoperability), other errors may occur. Always check meta.status parameter.

Error Description
MethodNotAllowed Invalid http method
AuthenticationFailed Invalid (or missing) auth token


curl -X GET \