Setting user properties (identification).

// Simplified format:
dashly.identify({'$name': 'Maks', myProp: 'myValue'});

// Complex format:
  {op: 'add', key: 'segment1', value: 1},
  {op: 'update_or_create', key: 'segment2', value: 1},
Argument Description
data Required. User properties

Simple format should be used when you want to write a property if it does not exist or overwrite if it already exists (update or create - the most commonly used option). Then the data parameter is an object representing the collection of keys and values.

You can more accurately control this behavior using the complex format. Thus you can set a property only once (without overwriting the existing one), do an increment / decrement, delete, etc. Here, data is an array consisting of a set of atomic operations. Description of a complex format.

If you use dashly.auth, the call to dashly.identify should be after dashly.auth.