Webhooks — method allowing sending HTTP POST-requests to an URL at necessary conditions occurrence. Webhooks can be created in "Integrations" section of Admin panel.

At the moment there are the following webhook types:

  1. On event occurrence

On event occurrence

user={ ... }
event_name=My Event
event={ ... }

This webhook is sent after a specified event occurs.

type parameter contains event value.

user contains a serialized User JSON object (user, who had an event).

user_id contains user ID.

event contains Event object (event that just happened).

event_id contains event ID.

event_name contains event name.


System will send HTTP POST-request (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to a specified URL.

All requests contain type field (webhook type) and token. To make sure that this is our request check if the token is equal to the one in admin panel.

For confirmation of notification delivery you should respond with status 200 OK. In case of error or different status, request would be repeated for several times in the following minutes.