URL API is a part of our JavaScript API. In order to use it, you have to install the JS library (the page must have our script installed).

API works as follows: when a visitor follows a link, he performs an event (an event by this user is tracked) and/or a property of this visitor is identified.

Event tracking


User performs event MyEvent by following this link.

Event tracking (with event properties)


Visitor performs event MyEvent with param1 event property of val1 value and param2 event property of val2 value.

User properties identification


User property $email of my@email.com value will be identified for user who follows this link.


User property myvalue of hello value will be identified for user who follows this link.

You should mind the correct url encode, “@” - forbidden symbol, thus email should look like my%40email.com.


Methods can be combined. For example you’re sending a bulk email and want to see behavior of users having the link followed. You are redirecting users to http://example.com/some/page, and want all those users to perform a FromMyEmail event.

Most email services allow to use tags. For example, Mailchimp has *|URL:EMAIL|* tag allowing to insert email (URL-encoded). Which means, the link will be as follows:


*|URL:EMAIL|* will be auto-replaced with receivers email.