Request errors in Web API

If an error (exception) occurred during request execution then:

  1. Request returns Http-code different from 200.
  2. A special response body is returned.

Error response body example:

    "meta": {
        "status": 400,
        "error_message": "The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax",
        "error": "BadRequest"
    "data": {}
  • status field contains error HTTP-code (400).
  • error field contains technical name of the error.
  • error_message field contains human-readable description of the error
  • meta section can also have additional sections which help to investigate error.

Always check response meta.status parameter after request.

General API errors

This table contains basic errors that can be returned by any API method. Methods can generate other errors, depending on method. Check meta response section.

Error Code Description
ValidationError 400 Invalid (or missing) request arguments. Check meta.error_fields and meta.error_message response fields for details
BadRequest 400 Error in request parameters. Check meta.error_message response field for details
LookupError 400 One of provided ids is not found
NotAuthenticated 401 Invalid, missing or expired auth token
PermissionDeniedError 403 No access to requested data. meta.error_message will contain the details.
Error404 404 Requested API method (URL path) does not exist
MethodNotAllowed 405 Invalid http method
TooManyRequests 429 Request limit quantity exceeded
Error500 500 Internal service error