Dashly operates in real time and tracks users status. presence field contains status.

3 options are possible: online (online, active), idle (sleeping, inactive) and offline (offline).

How the status is defined

User becomes online as soon as he comes to your site. If he is inactive for several minutes (does not scroll, press buttons, move mouse, etc.), he becomes idle (idle).

When a user is on the site, he sends us a "heartbeat" signal each minute. If for two minutes we don’t get this signal, user is considered offline.

Extended information on status

Extended information on status is contained in presence_details.

Fields ($name, $initial_referrer, $country, $city, $region, $sessions, $last_reply, $last_contect, $avatar) are standard(system) user properties. Description of user properties.

There are also "pseudo-properties": $current_page_title, $current_page_url,$active_since and $current_session_pages. These are not stored permanently, thus are not displayed in user’s card. These properties are deleted as soon as user leaves the site (becomes offline).

$current_page_url field contains url of the page the user is currently present at, $current_page_title — current page title. $active_since contains time (Unix timestamp) when user started session on the site. $current_session_pages contains number of pages viewed during current session.

Getting the status

You can use this method to get user’s status.