Web API endpoints


Method URL Description
GET /apps/{id}/activeusers Get active users
GET /apps/{id}/users Get users (leads)
GET /apps/{id}/conversations Get app’s conversations
GET /apps/{id}/channels Get app’s channels


Method URL Description
GET /conversations/{id} Get a conversation with id
GET /conversations/{id}/parts Get conversation parts
POST /conversations/{id}/reply Reply in a conversation
POST /conversations/{id}/settyping Someone is typing ...
POST /conversations/{id}/assign Assign admin to the conversation
POST /conversations/{id}/tag Add a tag to the conversation
DELETE /conversations/{id}/tag Delete a tag from the conversation
POST /conversations/{id}/close Close conversation



Method URL Description
GET /users/{id} Get user’s data
GET /users/{id}/events Get user’s events
GET /users/{id}/conversations Get user’s conversations
POST /users/{id}/events Track an event
POST /users/{id}/props Identify user property
POST /users/{id}/setpresence Send heartbeat signal
POST /users/{id}/sendmessage Send manual message
POST /users/{id}/startconversation Start conversation on behalf of a visitor to the site
POST /users/import Import users from CSV