An event - is a user action that you consider important (for example, visited “Contacts” page, watched a video, shared a link, subscribed to news letters etc). You can send an event into Dashly as soon as this action is performed.

That’s what this method is used for.


// Without event properties
dashly.track('Event name');

// With event properties
dashly.track('Event name', {
  param1: 'value1',
  param2: 340,
  param3: '2014-05-23T05:12:45',
  param4: false,
  param5: ['key1', 'key2', 'key3']


Argument Description
eventName Required. Event name
params Event properties

Event name - string of up to 255 characters.

Event properties are optional (not required). Names of event properties are strings of up to 70 characters. There are 5 property types: number(integer), string, date/time, list, boolean. Properties format description

For example, you’re tracking clicks on "Subscribe to news" button, and you have email and name fields:

$('#subscribe-button').click(function() {
  dashly.track('Subscribed', {
    email: $('#subscribe-email').val(),
    name: $('#subscribe-name').val()