Conversation channel.

Standard object fields

  • id: ID
    Unique channel identifier.

  • name: string
    Channel name

  • avatar: string
    Channel avatar image (file name).

  • type: string
    Channel type. Choices are: email, mobile, manual, vk, facebook, instagram, telegram, viber, whatsapp

Optional fields

  • droppable: boolean
    Flag is set if conversations can be moved to this channel manually.

  • operators: Array[Admin]
    An array of operators, who can read conversations from this channel. Admin objects.

  • not_assigned_count: integer
    Number of unassigned conversations (which have no operator assigned).

  • not_read_count: integer
    Number of unanswered conversations (last reply in conversation is user reply).

  • read_permission: boolean
    true if current admin has ability to read conversations from this channel.

  • priority: integer
    Channel priority.

  • auto_set: boolean
    Whether conversations can be moved to this channel automatically when created or not.

  • auto_set_settings: Dict
    Settings for auto_set for different channel types. Dictionary, format depends on channel type.


    "id": 5,
    "name": "Test channel",
    "avatar": "",
    "droppable": true,
    "type": "manual",
    "operators": [
            "id": 564,
            "name": "Support",
            "avatar": "",
            "type": "admin"
    "not_assigned_count": 0,
    "not_read_count": 0,
    "read_permission": true