This object describes email subscription status of the user.

Standard object fields

  • id: ID
    Unique tag identifier.

  • app: ID
    Your site identifier in Dashly.

  • status: str
    User will receive emails only if his status is equal to confirmed.
    Subscription state:

    • validation - email is in process of validation. After validation status will be changed to one of not_valid, not_confirmed or confirmed.
    • not_valid - Invalid email.
    • not_confirmed - A GDPR confirmation request has been sent to user.
    • confirmed - email is GDPR confirmed (or does not require GDPR confirmation).
    • bounced - an error has occurred during email sending (hard bounce).
    • spam - a user complained that some email is spam.
    • unsubscribed - a user unsubscribed from emails.
    • black_list - email is blacklisted.
  • updated: datetime
    Last status update time.


      "id": 954,
      "app": 123,
      "status": "confirmed",
      "updated": "2018-11-20T09:25:28.661001+03:00"