The event is one of the main objects in the system.

An event is any action of a user anywhere (on the site, in a mobile application, etc.) that you consider important. For example, visited a certain page, made an order, paid for a subscription, etc.

  "id": 61956879,
  "created": 1440415123,
  "type": {
    "id": 341,
    "name": "Order Created"
  "props": {
    "x": 10,
    "y": "Hello"

id Contains event ID.

created Contains date of event creation (Unix timestamp).

type Shows event type, EventType object.

props Contains event properties.

Event properties can be of 5 following types:

  • integer
  • String
  • Date/time
  • Boolean
  • List

Numbers are only integers in range between -2^53 and +2^53, or -9007199254740992 .. +9007199254740992.

Maximal string length is 255 characters.

Strings of up to 255 characters can be items of a list (up to 30 items in one list).

Date/time format: ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS. Simplified format is acceptable: YYYY-MM-DD. In this case time would be: 00:00:00.