"Message sender" object.
It is used in manual messages, trigger messages and bots in order to send messages from someone's name.

Standard object fields

  • id: ID
    Unique sender's identifier.

  • name: str
    Sender's name.

  • email_name: str
    Sender's email address before @ character. Domain from your site settings will be added automatically.

  • is_default: boolean
    Flag indicating that this is a default sender. All trigger messages and bots will be sent from this name if no other sender will be set.

  • is_removed: boolean
    Flag, indicating that sender has been removed softly. We don't remove senders totally in order not to break already sent messages.

  • avatar: str
    URL to download administrator's avatar image.

  • is_bot: str
    Whether sender is bot or not.

Optional fields

  • type: str
    This parameter is used for Admin object compatibility. Always returns message_sender constant.


  "id": 12711,
  "name": "Maks",
  "email_name": "maks_email",
  "is_default": false,
  "is_removed": false,
  "is_bot": false,
  "avatar": "",
  "type": "message_sender"