"id": 7498329,
    "created": 1449992424,
    "conversation": 4718671,
    "body": "Reply test",
    "type": "reply_user",
    "sent_via": "web_user",
    "from": 3181982,

    "random_id": 1650977560,
    "assignee": {
        "id": 11946,
        "name": "Maks",
        "avatar": "https:\/\/\/avatars\/1446185805093-d6o6rtiq.jpg",
        "type": "admin"

New message in a conversation. Contains ConversationPart object.

Optional fields are added to ConversationPart object for convenience:

  • random_id contains a random message identifier to control the integrity of the sending

  • assignee Shows assignee of the conversation with new message. contains Admin object in case conversation is assigned, or null in case it is unassigned.