A part of a conversation (user’s replica, administrator’s replica, assignment replica, conversation note, adding a tag etc.)

  "id": 2030901,
  "created": 1436620221,
  "first": true,
  "conversation": 1882298,
  "body": "Hello",
  "from": {
  "read": false,
  "type": "reply_django_user",
  "sent_via": "web_panel",
  "inbound_email": 123,
  "attachments": [{

id contains part ID.

created contains date of creation (Unix timestamp).

first will be true, if this part is the first part of conversation, else, this field is not shown.

conversation Contains ID of the conversation, to which this part belongs.

body Contains text of the message.

from Contains user ID if this is a user’s replica, or Admin object in case of administrator’s replica.

read Shows if the user has read the message (only parts with reply_django_user have this parameter)

type Contains part type. Can have value: reply_user, reply_django_user, note, tag_added, tag_deleted, assigned, closed, opened, service

sent_via — Sent via. Can obtain values: web_user, web_panel, email_user, email_admin, app_android, app_chrome, app_desktop, message_auto, message_manual. Can be empty or missing (could not define)

inbound_email — Original contents of a message(if sent as email). InboundEmail object ID. Field not present if message is not email.

attachments Attachments. Array of Attachment objects (not present if there are no attachments).

Additional tag field containing added/deleted tag is shown for tag_added and tag_deleted types.

Additional assignee property containing administrator assigned to the conversation (Admin object), is shown for assigned type (can obtain value null when deleted)

Body will be empty for tag_added, tag_deleted, assigned, closed, opened types.