Get user conversations

This method allows to get user’s conversations.



For {id} you can use:

  • Dashly ID
  • User ID (add by_user_id=true parameter) 400 LookupError will be returned if there's no user with such id.


Authentification parameters. Pagination. Pagination by date of last update of Conversation.
id_as_string parameter. Parameters enabling optional fields of Conversation object. user, important_part_last, reply_last, part_last optional fields are included by default.

Parameter Type Description
by_user_id Optional[boolean] Should be true in case you're using User ID instead of Dashly ID. Default: false
with_user_replies_only Optional[boolean] If set true returns only conversations with users replies (reply_user type). Default: false
recipient_type Optional[string] Manual or automessage recipient's type. Available values: web (default) or sdk
app Optional[ID] ID of requesting application. Default: calculated based on access token.


data field contains Conversation objects. meta field contains pagination parameters.

  "data": [
      "id": 7100586,
      "created": 1450342055,
      "read": true,
      "replied": true,
      "clicked": false,
      "unsubscribed": false,
      "closed": false,
      "message": null,
      "type": "popup_chat",
      "reply_type": "text",
      "part_last": {
        "id": 7855356,
        "created": 1450345019,
        "conversation": 7100586,
        "body": "...",
        "type": "reply_user",
        "sent_via": "web_user",
        "from": 16588048
      "parts_count": 13,
      "assignee": null,
      "unread_parts_count": 2,
      "last_admin": {
        "id": 24601,
        "name": "Maks",
        "avatar": "",
        "type": "admin"
      "last_update": 1450345019,
      "tags": []
  "meta": {
    "next_after": 1447339319.900966,
    "status": 200


Standart Web API exceptions


curl -X GET  -H "Authorization: Token XXX" ""