Start conversation on behalf of a user

This method creates a dialog that was initiated by the user on the site (the first message in the dialog is from the user).

To create a dialog in which the first message is from the administrator you should use the method of sending the message to the user /users/{id}/sendmessage.



For {id} you can use:

  • Dashly ID
  • Your User ID (in case user with such ID does not exist, new user with such ID is created).
    Send with by_user_id=true parameter.


Authentification parameters.
id_as_string parameter.

Parameter Type Description
by_user_id Optional[boolean] Should be true in case you're using User ID instead of Dashly ID. Default: false
body Optional[string] Message text. Default: empty string.
file Optional[File] Attachment file. Files up to 10 Mbytes are supported. File type should be one of jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, rar, zip, html, csv, docx, doc, xlsx, xls, txt, sig.
filename Optional[string] Required, if file parameter is set. File name by which file is displayed in chat.
random_id Optional[integer] Random number which is used to associate reply data received via RTS API, if it comes earlier than server response for this request. This number is returned in reply data.
referrer Optional[string] Page URL from which user started the conversation.
app Optional[ID] ID of requesting application. Default: calculated based on access token.


Either body or file + filename must be sent. Both can be sent simultaneously.


  "meta": {
    "status": 200
  "data": {
    "id": 1856194,


Standart Web API exceptions

Method-specific exceptions

Exception Code Description
ReplyTooBig 400 Text is too long (body)


curl -X POST \
  --data-urlencode 'body=Hello' \
  -H "Authorization: Token XXX" \