RTS каналы

Channels you can subscribe to, using Realtime Services API

Channel Description
ping For connection integrity monitoring
user_presence_changed.{app_id} User status changed
admin_presence_changed.{app_id} Admin status changed
conversation.{app_id} A new conversation with a user started
conversation.{app_id}.{user_id} A new conversation with a user {user_id} started
conversation_started_user.{app_id} A user started a new conversation
conversation_reply.{app_id} New message in a conversation
conversation_reply.{app_id}.{user_id} New message in a conversation with user {user_id}
conversation_typing.{app_id} Someone is typing
conversation_typing.{app_id}.{user_id} Someone is typing in a conversation with user {user_id}
conversation_read.{app_id} User read a conversation
conversation_read.{app_id}.{user_id} User {user_id} read a conversation
conversation_assigned.{app_id} Conversation was assigned
conversation_closed.{app_id} Conversation was closed
conversation_tag_added.{app_id} A tag was added to a conversation
conversation_tag_deleted.{app_id} A tag was removed from a conversation
user_props_changed.{app_id}.{user_id} User’s {user_id} properties were altered
event.{app_id}.{user_id} User {user_id} performed an event